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Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals orders James Meredith admitted to the University of Mississippi, June 25.

Mass demonstrations resume in Albany in late July but are suspended in August when local leadership decides to concentrate on voter registration.

Congress submits Twenty-fourth Amendment to the Constitution, abolishing poll taxes in federal elections, to the states for ratification on August 27.

Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett blocks attempts by Meredith to register on September 20 and 25 while secretly negotiating with Attorney General Robert Kennedy to end the confrontation. Meredith, Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach, and 400 federal marshals arrive on Oxford campus of the university on September 30 after President Kennedy federalizes the Mississippi National Guard. During the night a mob of more than 2,000 people repeatedly attack the marshals, who are reinforced by the Guard. Violence ends on morning of October 1 as U.S. army troops arrive from Memphis; two people are killed and more than 300 injured during the riot. Meredith registers on October 1. (For reporting of this event see: Kenneth L. Dixon, "IN OCCUPIED OXFORD," The Meridian Star, October 2, 1962 and Tom Dent Freedomways, January-June 1963.)

Kennedy issues Executive Order 11063 on November 20, prohibiting racial discrimination in federally owned housing, in public housing built with federal funds, and in new housing built with loans from federal agencies.

James Forman, later executive secretary of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), reports on civil rights protests in Albany, Georgia. [James Forman, "Nonviolence Leader Tells Organization of "Fill the Jails" Movement in Albany," New University News (Chicago), January 1962.]

Thomas W. Ottenad covers the Albany story for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch; ["Desperate Struggle: In Albany, Georgia, Negroes Wage Massive Attack on Discrimination," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 5, 1962.] Trezzvant Anderson for the Pittsburgh Courier.